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CONSULTING – Artwork Conversion
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More than ever, traditional marketing media is being challenged
by many digital media alternatives. The ability to convert off-line
assets to digital files for a broad range of online applications,
while naintaining quality, is absolutely crucial.

There are specific software guidelines to observe when converting
print-specced digital files to online environments, from
Microsoft Office documents to an entire desktop publishing
environment. To add to the complexity, online media displays
significant variances when it comes to general appearance,
file format, color mode and rendering speed & quality.

While print media has remained fairly consistent in that aspect,
digital media has evolved to include websites, online web banners,
email campaigns, video feeds, social media and content
management. Furthermore, hand-held devices have extended these
challenges even further by often being the platform of choice.

e-outbox will train and guide you to understand and structure your
files' conversion process for software compatibility while maintaining
quality and functionality.

Identifying your business' specific needs in regard to software
MIto software conversion & final applications.
Defining an easy-to-use set of guidelines, allowing Iyour team
Mto maximize its software solutions.
Educating your staff on the Do's and Dont's.
Developing on-site training programs if required.
Performing actual conversions if required.

Expanding your software and graphic applications knowledge
MIand expertise.
Providing clear operating guidelines customized
MIto your specific needs.
Improving your independence from vendors and reduce
MIrelated expenses.
Motivating your staff to grow in their existing responsibilities
MIand expertises.
Enhancing your evolution towards a full digital environment.
Improving quality control, asset delivery and production
MIefficiency while creating opportunities for savings.
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