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CONSULTING – Brand Equity
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Branding equity is all about your business' image and therefore,
its perception.

The key to successful branding is how accurately your product
and/or services targets its intended audience, how it portrays your
business image and how it maintains its recognition and integrity
throughout its intended markets.

A fine balance between consistency and adaptability across all
applications defines a successful branding equity.

When a corporate identity owns multiple sub-brands, each
sub-brand needs to maintain strong symbolic ties to the parent
brand, while establishing its own identity.

e-outbox will help you identify, organize and define your branding
image, that your business is structured as a single- versus
a multi-brand identity, if it is a business to business versus a retail
endeavor or if your targeted audience is local versus national.
We educate ourselves about who you are, what is your mission,
MIwhat do you sell or provide and to whom.
We will also study closely your business' history and heritage.
We'll analyze your competitors' branding strategy in reference
MIto proven successes and errors.
If sub-brands are involved, a "pyramidal" structure will be
MIdeveloped to assess each sub-brand's position in relation
MIto each other and to the parent brand.

Defining a clear and unequivocal branding identity
MIfor your business.
Establishing your product/services brand organigram.
Providing positioning and creative guidelines.
Helping you avoid duplication and in-house rivalry
MIbetween sub-brands.
Developing a starting point for corporate ID design
MIand applicable marketing strategies.
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