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e-outbox, LLC will research your targeted audience (see Data Collection – B to B only) and combine your existing collection of email contacts as well as acting as your broker with email list rental (see List Brokerage).

We will guide you in defining a successful email marketing strategy
with the following processes:
Define accurately your customer profile.
Develop a sound email marketing strategy plan.
Create your email blast and/or e-newsletter masters.
Collect, de-dupe and qualify your existing email addresses.
Contact reputable list rental companies.
Compile "home-grown" email records in a database.
Provide you with content and graphics.
Tie in your email deployment with your social media.
Generate detailed activity reports and analysis.
Measure your campaigns' impact on your website traffic.
Develop a follow-up strategy via email or phone outreach.

We will also pay undivided attention to match your email marketing
masters with your website and corporate identity look and feel.
  Email marketing strategy is truly effective when the initial research
is being developed globally and applied consistently, while insuring
the proper tie-in with your website, social media platforms and/or
digital media exposure.

These are the parameters to apply for a defined email marketing
Who are your customers – B to B or Consumers or both.
Where are they located – Local, statewide or nationwide.
What are the sales and incentive key points.
Does seasonality affect your sales traffic.
Incentives – Special offer, discount or give-away.
Tell a successful story with white papers and/or case studies.
Does your business use an e-commerce.

It is crucial to identify all these parameters before even thinking
of using email marketing as a promotion tool for your business.

Identifying these variables makes the difference between succeeding
and increasing your sales VS staying isolated and not growing your
business' scope and profitability.
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