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e-outbox, LLC develops custom websites using exclusively Dreamweaver or CMS such as Word Press and/or Network Solutions'
proprietary e-commerce platform.

We guarantee consistency of appearance, regardless of browser, operating system or mobile device. We also provide the following enhancements:
Frames, Single or Multiple.
Dynamic HTML and CSS layouts.
Javascript controlled-sized windows.
Javascript drop menus.
JQuery slide shows.
Custom javascript functionality.
PHP email and order forms with Captcha security.
WordPress & proprietary online CMS platforms.
Online e-commerce packages.

We believe strongly that look & feel and functionality should harmonize perfectly and should not be compromised by traditional coding assumptions and/or limitations.

As e-outbox, LLC provides both custom and cms website design
and development, please see across each method's pros and cons.
Unique look and feel, devoid of any template.
Layout can be fully customized, even within specific pages.
Graphic treatments have unlimited options.
Spacing and structure are controlled more accurately.
Requires to be under a maintenance contract.
Cannot be edited by client.
Some limitations in regard to login capability and other functions.
Not as easy to expand functionality afterward.

Fairly easy to maintain by client with basic training.
Faster to develop as a whole and easy to update.
Ability to integrate login and additional functions or databases.
Broad selections of apps/plugins to expand funtionality.
Only general apparance can be customized.
Sometimes behaves unexpectedly.
Limitations in controlling spacing and structure.
No actual tech support for Word Press.
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