Website design & integrated digital marketing components.
Email marketing acquisition & retention programs.
SEO and social media marketing customized packages.
Website-centric lead generation strategy.
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Q: Is my Website created from templates?
Our distinction is to offer our clients custom websites, built from
scratch, with no design limitations OR built from a high-quality
content management platform.We commonly use Word Press,
Register.com, Network Solutios or Square Space. We use Network
Solutions for e-commerce. However, our experience also us to adapt
rapidly to any CMS environment if our client already have such
a set-up.

Q: Is this a service my independent business can afford?
Pricing will vary due to functionality, specs and features. However,
we work closely with our clients' budgets.

Q: Will you charge me to discuss a project?
No. Our one-on-one consultation time, project analysis and project
estimate are provided free of charge.

Q: Will I need to pay in advance for a project?
We require 50% up front and 50% at completion. The only instances
of re-billable hours apply when a task is being added after the initial
contract is signed at a $50.00 per hour rate. We also offer marketing
and maintenance retainers.
  Q: Do you provide SEO and/or Social Media strategy?
As an "all-in-one" services company, we do provide SEO and Social
Media strategy and execution. Our basic SEO and Social Media
package is included in every website project. Our intermediate
and advanced packages are generally contracted as on a retainer
base, depending of the project scope and complexity.

Q: Is your email marketing services all-inclusive?
Yes. We can strategize retention, research acquisition, act as your
list broker, as well as developing all creative, managing accounts
and providing detailed reports.

Q: Do you outsource your design and development?
No, design and development are all in-house. We also handle our SEO
and social media internally. We do use strategic partners in the area
of video media, copy writing, hosting and custom programming.

Q: Do you provide offline and print design services?
Yes, we provide design and development for corporate ID, postcards,
pamphlets, brochures, trade how assets and print advertisement.
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