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e-outbox host on its own server all material related to email marketing as well as staging sites. However, we are very flexible with our clients when it comes to their domains and hosting.

For our clients that do not require ultimate security – such as law offices, health, financial or other sensitive content – we use online hosting services from Web.com, the most comprehensive US vendor
and parenet company of Network Solutions and Register.com. This
allows us to have a broad range of domain, email and hosting options
available as well as taking advantage of bundled packages
and promotions.

We do not mark-up the hosting and domain fees to our clients but
we charge a $50.00 flat fee for setting-up and administrating the
accounts. All domains and hosting accounts are registered in the
client's name, not ours.

In the event our clients need a high-security environment, we can
expand these hosting accounts with a full SSL security set-up,
with five gradual options, from basic to advanced. All hosting
accounts are set-up with private registration so your personal
information is not published on the internet.
When an e-commerce structure is required, we will set-up an online
e-commerce integrated environment, available in three gradual skus capacity. Payment options range from PayPal to ACH accounts. Full management dashboards are included to manage your sales and delivery process.

While we do provide custom website design, we can also set-up CMS
websites with WordPress or other proprietary online CMS platforms
if the client's needs require an affordable type of content management. Be aware that while a great-looking and functional website can be built with these systems, there are always some
design and layout limitations. We provide free of charge a 2-hr,
on-premises, training session as well as a customized PDF user guide.

For custom websites, we provide very affordable maintenance packages, payable on a quarterly or yearly basis.

We can set-up your email accounts as webmail and/or come to your location and set them up within your proprietary email software for
a $50.00 flat fee per work station. The hosting packages we provide include multiple accounts, forwarding and multi-device synchronization.
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