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CONSULTING – Integrated Marketing
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Integrated Marketing represents a global outlook of your marketing
capabilities using all of the digital media at your disposal:
Website & Landing Pages
Online Banners
Email Blasts & E-Newsletters
Social Media
Search Engine Optimization
Exchange Links Strategy

A successful integrated digital marketing strategy relies on the
combination of these assets, working in synergy with one another.
The ultimate goal is to maximize your visibility, and consequently,
generate trackable ROI and customer leads to your business.

This strategy requires that your business has as many marketing
assets as possible in position prior to execution. e-outbox will provide
your business with a candid but in-depth analysis to determine the
strengths and weaknesses of your existing marketing environment.

e-outbox will help you sort out which options will best fit your
business' marketing expectations and goals, while monitoring closely
your spending and maintaining your marketing budget.
e-outbox will assess the current state of your digital marketing
MIcapabilities and your budget constraints.
We will design a marketing plan that addresses your specific
MIneeds within your available budget.
We can tailor this plan on a yearly or quarterly basis,
MIshowing immediate and secondary priorities.
We can offer you to follow-up on this plan and provide
MIyou the creative, execution and reporting for your marketing
MIstrategy, payable with an affordable retainer.

We will create a fully measurable marketing
MIenvironment for your business.
We will remove any uncertainty in regard to your
MImarketing spending.
We will monitor closely the progress achieved
MIby your marketing efforts.
We will provide you with lead-generation capabilities.
We will be constantly attentive to your needs and goals.
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